A note from Dean Walker

Dean Walker, Lead Engineer, Walker Manufacturing The design and development of the Walker Mower is my primary responsibility at Walker Manufacturing. I also oversee the manufacturing aspect of our company. Thirty years ago, when my dad, my brother and I discovered what we thought was a potential need in the area of lawn mowers, we built our first prototype mower and have not looked back.

That machine was the beginning of a journey that has been both challenging and rewarding. The challenge through all these years has been to maintain the concept of our original design, while expanding the performance, capability and reliability of our mowers.

Hundreds of suggestions and ideas from customers, sales people, and employees have been considered, and many implemented, to make the Walker Mower what it is today. The reward has been two-fold. First, from a design standpoint, we have stayed true to our original concept. Second, manufacturing and producing a product that has provided good value and satisfaction for our customers has been, and continues to be, a source of great joy for each of us. At Walker Manufacturing, we appreciate your consideration of our product and the opportunity to be a part of meeting your lawn care needs.

Sincerely, Dean Walker

Buying A Walker

All Walker Mowers sales are made by a local servicing dealer only.

We believe buying a mower is the beginning of a series of relationships that allows you, our dealers, our distributors and Walker to operate in what we refer to as "A Family Style" of business.

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