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In today's Outdoor Power Equipment Industry, one machine stands out from the others for its performance in vacuuming grass clippings, leaves, sticks and lawn debris - the Walker Grass Handling System (GHS). One look at the Walker GHS, and it's easy to see that handling grass is at the heart of this design and not an afterthought. The integrated grass handling system lends itself nicely to the compact design of the Walker with no bulky hoses or tubes sticking out. Even for those areas where grass clippings are not collected on a year-round basis, the seasonal use of the GHS mower for spring and autumn clean up is an important feature.

Customers around the world who require a manicured look in high visibility areas have relied on the Walker GHS as a reliable time-proven asset for thirty years.

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All Walker Mowers sales are made by a local servicing dealer only.

We believe buying a mower is the beginning of a series of relationships that allows you, our dealers, our distributors and Walker to operate in what we refer to as "A Family Style" of business.

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