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The MS is the original design of the Walker; built to be compact and maneuverable. It uses a smaller engine and simplified drive train and shares most of the features of the high-performance models. The S14 is new for 2014, and it represents a significant change in the Walker line. The nimble S14 uses Hydro-Gear® ZT3100 transaxles and a 12.5" grass handling blower that delivers cut material into the 7-bushel catcher. Decks up to 42 inches can be used on the S14, and a variety of implements and attachments are available. The S14 is a great machine for homeowners and large property owners.

14-HP, Subaru Robin engine, air-cooled
Tilt-open body completely exposes drive train
Remote air intake for engine
7 bushel (8.7 cu. ft.) catcher
12.5" (32 cm) grass handling blower
1.9 gallon (7.2 liter) fuel tank
6.5 mph (10.5 kph) ground speed

Engine Subaru Robin, EX40
Displacement 404 cc (24.65 cu in)
Max Power 14 hp @ 3600 rpm
Max Torque 19.9 ft lbs
Fuel Gas (87 oct)
Fuel Capacity 1.9 gal (7.2 liter)
Fuel Consumption (per hour) 1.02 gal (3.86 liter)
Cooling System Air
Lubrication System Mechanical Splash Lube
Weight 595 lbs[1], 788 lbs[2]
Dimensions 46H x 43W x 89L[2]
[1]Tractor only, [2]Tractor with a typical 42" deck.
36" (91cm)
36" (91cm) Reverse
42" (107cm)
36" (91cm)
Side Discharge
42" (107cm)
Side Discharge
42" (107cm) Belt Drive
Side Discharge
36" (91cm)
42" (107cm)
42" (107cm)


36" Snow
48" Dozer
40" Dethatcher[2]
Boom Sprayer[3]


Wide Drive
Low Profile
Drive Tires
Drive Tires
Tire Chains
Foamed Deck Tire
Comfort Seat

Exhaust Screen
with Large holes
Break-Away Blades
Adjustable Footrests

Curb Jumper

[1]We recommend the use of Narrow Drive Tires with the 36" Snow Blower.
[2]Deck Attachment for 36", 42", 48", and 52" inch decks.
[3]Deck Attachment for 42", 48", 52", and 62" inch decks. Kit required for 52" and 62" decks.
[4]All Implements require an Implement Hitch Mount.

Review your financing options with your local Walker Dealer


Company Program Interest
Doc Fee
Sheffield Financial 0.00%/42 Months
N/A Differs 0% APR $1500.00 $125.00 03/31/2015
Sheffield Financial 0.00%/48 Months
N/A Differs 0% APR $1500.00 $125.00 03/31/2015
Sheffield Financial 3.99%/36 Months Immediately in 30 days 3.99% APR $1500.00 $125.00 03/31/2015
Sheffield Financial 1.99%/48 Months Immediately in 30 days 3.99% APR $1500.00 $125.00 03/31/2015
Sheffield Financial 3.99%/60 Months Immediately in 30 days 3.99% APR $1500.00 $125.00 03/31/2015
Yard Card 0.00%/36 Months N/A in 30 days 0% APR $1500.00 $125.00 03/31/2015
Yard Card 0.00%/48 Months
N/A in 30 days 0% APR $1500.00 $125.00 03/31/2015
Yard Card 1.90%/60 Months Immediately in 30 days 1.90% APR $1500.00 $125.00 03/31/2015
Yard Card 2.99%/54 Months Immediately in 30 days 2.99% APR $1500.00 $125.00 03/31/2015

Sheffield Financial retail finance plans are available in the US only. Yard Card (TD Retail Card Services) plans are available to all US and Canadian customers. We work with other retail finance programs in the US as administered by our distributors. If available in your area, your dealer will be able to identify these programs for you.

S14 Owner's Manual
Released: 2014 S/N 127922 - S/N Current
S14 Parts Manual
Released: 2014 S/N 128442 - S/N Current
MS Owners Manual
Released: 2005 S/N 69735 - S/N 127921
Released: 2003 S/N 57906 - S/N 69734
Released: 1997 S/N 20381 - S/N 57905
Released: 1991 S/N 00000 - S/N 20380
MS Parts Manual
Released: 2014 S/N 117172 - S/N Current
Released: 2005 S/N 78322 - S/N 117171
Released: 2004 S/N 60136 - S/N 78321
Released: 1997 S/N 20381 - S/N 60135
Released: 1991 S/N 00000 - S/N 20380

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All Walker Mowers sales are made by a local servicing dealer only.

We believe buying a mower is the beginning of a series of relationships that allows you, our dealers, our distributors and Walker to operate in what we refer to as "A Family Style" of business.

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